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Friday, May 21, 2010

520 ♥ wo ai ni

Today planned to went movie with xiaoyen bii 
But when we reach TIMES SQUARE oni we realised that 1pm geh movie is at PAVILLION ==
lols. both of us so funny :D blur blur go to the wrong location.
We cancelled watching movie and changed it to shopping. yippy~ weeeeeeeee~
Then, we decided to take our breakfast+lunch at MCD in Times Square while waiting for suetyee bii 
Dunno how cum suddenly we talked about the ghost and weird weird things in the world. 
so scary laa T.T  hand and leg keep on shaking~ papa T.T
We went to shopping then meet up with SY bii oni we drive to PAVILLION

-  yy  suetyee  xiaoyen  -
 jimui forever 

Went to meet KOK HOW at his working shop there
Then drive back to SUNGAI WANG meet BABE 
This is the second time meet wth BABE
she's so cute like xiao bu dian XD

We also went to meet YUMI babe  inside parkson SHISEIDO
hehehe. I just know something happened jor XD
yumi babe  wish you always in happiness oh ..

SY , YEN , BABE and me went to LOWYAT after that
SY bii bought a handsfree at lowyat
so many hamsap lou there. After bought it we walked like flying. FLY FLY FLY~ haha. 
Fly back sg. wang shopping :)  But I back earlier caz is already late jor.
Cum back wanna online but P1 line so so lousy ! Always disconnected from my laptop ! ><
useless P1 laa ! 

-  T H E  E N D  -

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Movie again today :)
with my babe YIQI 
I was late to the movie :(  sorry to my babe. Let her wait me alone.
I promise won't be late for next time XD
Watched KIDNAPPER on 7.20 p.m.

Awesome ! It was so touch. But was also a scary movie.
The part of a father rescue his son with selling his kidney and house
touching ......
The heartless kidnapper filled up 3 bottle of a lil boy's blood !
He was so cold blooded ! >.<  I hate him super much ! Hng.

Bought monday ticket back KL on 11 a.m.
I dunwan back laa. I wan my sweet sweet home :(
sad sad  * tears drop *
Mummy .. remember that I will take care of myself and dun worried of me :D
I know how to differentiate what is gud and bad for me.
Friends cant influence me geh. mummy fong sam ya.
My SP gang .. I will be right back after my first sem ended .. hehehe * claps *
Gonna miss you'll soon loo

-  T H E  E N D  -

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Today movie at VILLAGE MALL
movie time --> 11 a.m.
movie title --> ROBN HOOD

Is quite nice. 
but the movie end up with a greedy king :(  haiz !
planning to watch another movie with dear before I leave sp
up next -- > KIDNAPPER
seems lik it's nice too : [
but still not yet decided
after watch movie we went to buy ah pai nasi lemak for DINNER
haha. actually is ald count in supper ler ==
bought 6 pack of chicken and 6 pack of egg ! lols.

ting ting ting ......
guess who I saw when waiting for movie ? hehe ..
I saw JESSICA with her bf while she came out from the cinema :D
long time din meet up with her dy.
I think since I went to KL den v seldom meet ler
cant really recognise her when I saw her
jes.. hope u're always in happiness with mean yuan 
Gud Luck :D

-  T H E  E N D  -

Friday, May 14, 2010


T I M E  T A B L E  I S  R E L E A S E D  !

COMING SOON on 17th of MAY

TIME TABLE for our new sem RELEASED !
need to back to study mood soon
goin to miss everyone in SP ler :( 
especially my dear and my mummy
gonna miss you'll soon

this time study from monday to friday (✖╭╮✖)
taking total of 5 subject [ no law XD ]
everyday have tutorial class except monday :D
hehe. That means if wan skip class oni can skip monday 
weeeeeeeee ~~

-  T H E  E N D  -

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Recently sien dao beh tahan ==
sien  sien  sien !
nothin can do except stay at home let the air con BLOW~
hehe :D
super hot recently
saw the hot sun
dun feel lik wanna go out also
sit down dun move also can get sweat !
thats how hot the whether is =(

but goin shopping with my ex schoolmate
watched movie thro all the day !
haha XD

- I P  M A N  2 -

- I R O N  M A N  2 -

NICE NICE .. THUMPS UP .. [ claps~ ]
weeeeeeeee ~
its awesome !
Then hang on to eat eat eat
yummy yummy~
fat jor 6kg ! @@


- L O U  K O N G  M A N  S O I -

- B R I L L I A N T  L E G A C Y -

sorry that Im less online recently
anything can just contact me thro my phone
but I will b reply late abit
caz of drama-ing XD
sorry ya !

♥ new update 

~ T H E  E N D ~